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Microsoft OneDrive and Multiple Windows Machines

OneDrive offers free 5 GB of drive space which holds my complete Biblenote bibles and OneNote notebooks like Bible Study, DIctionary, Supplemental BIble, Comments. I am nearing 5 GB of space consumption. Is there a way to force OneNote to use another cloud drive service like Google Drive which has a bigger storage capacity?

Автор: Chris, 04.03.2020, 14:13
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Alexander Demko, 04.03.2020
You can use any cloud storage for OneNote Notebooks - it is a simple local Notebook which is stored in Dropbox/Google Drive/etc folder. But there are some limitations:
-Free version of OneNote does not support this functionality.
-Notebooks that are stored in OneDrive have some advantages: you can use them via browser and they have better conflict resolution algorytm (if you work with Notebooks on several PCs).


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